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JABS - Just Another Backup Script

JABS is nothing else that just another backup script for the VMWare ESX 3.x/4.x platform.

You can download the script here . Current version is 1.2j (25 Oct 2010).

It doesn't need to be installed; just extract (tar -zxvf jabs.tar.gz) and use it.

I wrote down some documentation both in english and in italian; I've also inserted a lot of comments into the configuration file, so I think that you can easly use it.

By the way, It is so simple to use this script that I think that if you have problem using it, probably may be better if you don't use it Bocca sigillata

I'm not responsible of the use you can do of this script; if you download it you accept to use it at your own risk.

  • Documentazione italiana   ( 3 articoli )

    Questa è la documentazione in italiano. Non è completa come quella inglese, quindi se avete problemi vi suggerisco di leggere la sezione in inglese.


  • English documentation   ( 5 articoli )

    This is the english documentation. It is the currently mantained section.



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