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Change log

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Here are the changelog of the script you can use to check your version.

25 Oct 2010 - version 1.2j

Fixed the snapshot test routine that returns always true when used with vSphere 4.x hosts.

Now JABS will works fine on vSphere Fico

1 Feb 2010 - version 1.2i

Added a RM/SYNC/SLEEP loop for destination directory clearing to workaround random errors when removing destination directory on slow NAS.

There are two new session variables:

retry the delete this number of times (default: 3)

wait this time before retesting the destination (default: 5m)

27 Apr 2009 - version 1.2h

Added a post check for the log file to determine if an export have had problems not reported by vcbMounter exit code.

The check will search for the magic word 'error]' into the per-VM log file and returns 'failed' if that word was found.

14 Apr 2009 - version 1.2g

Added the -Q 0 parameter to the vcbMounter command to fix the "Snapshot creation failed: Custom pre-freeze script failed when using vcbMounter (VCB without Quiesce)" error.

See for details.

Thanks to Luca Maranzano.

18 Jun 2008 - version 1.2f

Bug fix for test mode.

16 Jun 2008 - version 1.2e

1. Added -d and -t command line parameters to force debug and test mode value.

Usage is:

  • -d <value> for DEBUG_MODE
  • -t <value> for TEST_MODE

Set to value '1' to enable, any other value to disable.

2. Fixed a bug in the init routine that don't force TEST_MODE if DEBUG is enabled.

3. Fixed minor bugs in the output statements.

5 Jun 2008 - version 1.2d

Mail warning will be sent if initialization routine fails.

11 Feb 2008 - version 1.2c

VMFS file systems are now available for free space checks.

The routine now calls 'df' for standard file systems and 'vmkfstools' for VMFS file systems in order to check the free space left on the SESSION_DESTINATION_ROOT.

6 Sep 2007 - version 1.2b

Fixed a bug in the check routines. Now the routine returns the correct value if the VM returns an invalid state.

5 Sep 2007 - version 1.2

Added the wildcard feature to the SESSION_VMLIST parameter.

Now the list can contain patterns to select the display names of the virtual machines to be backed up.

The naming rules follows the GREP pattern rule.

For example:

Will select all virtual machines

SESSION_VMLIST=( ^sap shadevfe )
Will select all VMs starting with 'sap' plus the virtual machine 'shadevfe'

SESSION_VMLIST=( ^sap fe$ )
Will select all VMs starting with 'sap' plus all VMs ending with 'fe'

SESSION_VMLIST=( .* ^sap shadevfe sapsep )
Will select all virtual machines. Redundant display names will be discarded (i.e. the VMs will be backed up only one time Sorridente )

25 Jun 2007 - version 1.1

1. Added check_vm_post to perform post backup checks.

Modified check_vm function in check_vm_pre (pre backup checks).
Now ABORT_IF_SNAPSHOT will check if a VM has a snapshot before and after the export.

2. Changed the init function to return the correct message in case of wrong or missing parameters.

26 Mar 2007 - version 1.0

Released in production

5 Mar 2007 - version 1.0-rc2

Release Candidate 2

3 Mar 2007 - version 1.0-rc

Release Candidate

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