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The session file

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This is the content of the jabs.conf.dist file explained. This file is loaded AFTER all others configuration and initialization files and BEFORE the command line arguments parsing.





These parameters are required for JABS to work. You must edit the default values provided in the distribution writing the right for you.

SESSION_NAME="<Unconfigured Session>"

This is the name of the session. It is just for printing purpose but it is required.

SESSION_VMLIST=( displayName1 displayName2 displayName3 )

 The list of VMs to be backed up by this session. This list will be used to filter the available virtual machines display names. You must include in this list all the VMs you want to be backed up by this session regardless on the host where they are. You will launch JABS with this session file on all hosts that potentially can run that VMs. The VMs will be backed up only if they are on the host where JABS runs, skipped if they are on another host. You can use regular expressions to match the display name.

SESSION_DESTINATION_ROOT=/vmfs/volumes/<NFS volume>

 The destination path for the VMs backup files. An ending / is not required. I like to put here a NFS NAS volume mounted through vmkernel (Virtual Center storage manager) but you can use here any mounted file system (in which case you will be using the Service Console connection); by the way, the path MUST be accessible when the script runs. You can also use plugins to specify destinations; even if I never tested this behaviour, I think it must works:

- file://<destination_path>

- scp://<user>@<host>:<destination_path>


 The free space (in Gigabytes) needed in the destination directory. Set to 0 if

- you are using plugins to specify destination path

- if you don't want to check for free space on destination


If greater than zero, unique destination directory for each virtual machine will be generated.

If equal to zero, the destination directory will be overwritten.


 If greater than zero, no backup will be done for virtual machines having snaphots.


 If greater than zero, no backup will be done for any virtual machines. In this case, all checks will be performed as normal sessions but backup statements will only be written into VM logs without being executed. Useful when you want to test your session file without disturbing your VMs.




These parameters are optional. In most cases you don't need to modify these values from the ones provided with the distribution, but you can, if you want.




The query done against the hosted VMs. Default value is all powered on VMs



 The directory where to store the logs. Default is a random generated directory. If a static name is used, the log directory will be erased before any operation.


 Log level used with vcbMounter statement. You can use 0 to 6.


 Server to connect to. Default is $VCHOST from /etc/vmware/backup.conf. I never played with this parameter...


 Retry the delete of the destination directory (if exists) this number of times (default: 3).


 Wait this time before retesting the destination (default: 5m). See 'man sleep'.




This function needs sendEmail Perl script to work. It can be downloaded from .You must edit these values if you want logs to be emailed to you.


The path to the sendEmail script


 FROM address

 SESSION_EMAIL_TO=" Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. "

 TO address


 The SMTP server IP/FQDN. Leave blank to disable mail. Make sure your SMTP server is configured to allow relaying from the ESX host.


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